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At Water Damage Las Vegas we specialize in mold remediation, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, smoke damage, mold removal/remediation in Las Vegas, NV and Henderson, NV! If you need a professional company who knows how to get rid of your Las Vegas water damage issues fast then you have come to the right place.

We do Las Vegas Water Damage Restoration

There is no one better than our trained professionals who can get rid of the water faster and effectively. When you have water damage in Las Vegas, NV, then a speedy clean-up is an absolute. We will set up and closely monitor the cleaning and drying process until it is completely dried up properly. Read More

We Provide Las Vegas Fire Damage Restoration

After the firefighters have gone and there is a big mess to clean up then there is nobody better than Las Vegas Water Damage Restoration. We can clean up after a water/fire event in Las Vegas or Henderson and bring your property back to pre-fire condition. We can also get rid of the smoke odor and soot in your furniture and walls. Read More

We Offer Las Vegas Storm Damage Repair

When your Las Vegas, NV home is the victim of a storm or natural disaster then call the experts who are trained to handle Las Vegas storm damage in all sizes. No matter how big the damage, we have the resources and highly trained professionals who will move quickly and effectively to any storm or flooding that may occur. Read More

We are Experts in Las Vegas Mold Removal and Remediation

Las Vegas Mold can be a huge problem for homes and businesses if not taken care of properly. Mold can infest your premises in as little as 48-hours. If you suspect mold problems in your Las Vegas home or business, then our licensed experts can come out to your property, assess it and make the best recommendations to get rid of the problem. Read More


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    We offer the most professional and reliable cleaning and restoration services to the Las Vegas area!

    When you have damage to your home from water, fire, or mold it can be a nightmare to clean up! Let our professionals assist in all your cleaning and restoration needs so you can breathe easy in a fresh home. We offer many different services, schedules, and very competitive rates to fit any budget!
    • Las Vegas Air Ducts and HVAC
    • Las Vegas Biohazard
    • Las Vegas Carpet and Upholstery
    • Las Vegas Ceilings Floors and Walls
    • Las Vegas Drapes and Blinds
    • Las Vegas Odor Removal
    • Las Vegas Sewage
    Residential Water Damage Restoration

    Residential Water Damage Restoration

    Having water damage to your home can be stressful, but we can take that stress away! We start by doing a full inspection to see the extent of the damage is to make a plan. Then we remove any water that still remains so we can start the drying and dehumidifying process. Once this is done we can clean, sanitize, and restore your home to new!
    Residential Fire restoration

    Residential Fire Damage Restoration

    If your home has suffered a fire let the professionals take care of the restoration as fire damage can be tricky to deal with. You have to first ensure the property is safe and stable to enter to begin the process of restoration. Soot and smoke can still cause damage even after a fire has been extinguished so it is important to minimize the damage so the soot and debris can be removed and restoration can begin.
    Residential Mold Restoration

    Residential Mold Damage Restoration

    Having mold damage in your home is not only dangerous to your home but also to your health. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to find the source of the mold to not only clean and restore your home but to make sure the problem doesn’t persist by finding the source. Our team can bring health and safety back to your home with our mold remediation.
    Commercial Water Damage Restoration

    Commercial Water Damage Restoration

    Our team of professionals is highly trained to restore your business to its original working order after you experience water damage. We can assist with treating the problem at hand and doing all required clean up measures without having to interfere with your business hours so you can keep working! Our team helps you keep the doors open during your restoration process.
    Commercial Mold Restoration

    Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

    Our experts are ready to tackle your commercial fire restoration needs! We can come and remove any harmful components in your business such as building materials and damaged electronics so that you business can be a safe work environment again. We also remove floor coverings to prevent soot and other harmful contamination from settling into your floors.
    Commercial Mold Restoration

    Commercial Mold Restoration

    Discovering mold in your business is a definite set back for the health and wellness of not only your employees but also your clients. Our team will not only clean away any mold found on the premises, but will also get to the root of the problem so your business wont have to suffer at the hands of a mold outbreak again!
    toiletbowl restoration

    Las Vegas Sewage and Toilet Overflow Service

    Any problem with your Las Vegas, NV sewage or contaminated water is considered an emergency to Water Damage Las Vegas. Our experts will properly identify the type of contaminated water from ‘clean’, ‘gray’ to ‘black ‘ water. our 24-hour service will get these spills under control and cleaned up quickly.
    Mold Inspection

    Mold Inspection

    Most mold is easily spotted and is most of the time very unmistakable, but there are some instances that it can be hard to find mold if it is hidden within walls, behind appliances, or under sinks in cabinets. Our trained professionals know where to look and how to identify harmful mold that could be making you sick. Finding mold is the first step in having it removed making it important to know exactly where it is hiding so you can guarantee it won’t come back!
    Mold Damage Restoration

    Mold Removal

    Once mold is found in your home or business it can become a problem very quickly and needs to be removed. Our team knows the science behind mold and mold growth so that it can be properly removed. After removing mold it is important to do what is known as “mold remediation” which will restore the levels of your home or business back to safer and more natural levels.

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